Separating & Moving On

Coaching programs | Tailor-made for you

5-month coaching program | Individuals or couples

Divorce is a traumatic experience, similar to grieving the loss of a loved one. In my coaching program, I’ll guide you through the stages of your divorce. Sharing my insight, I’ll teach you how to take the right steps so you can move on with your life easily.

The six main focus areas


Emotions affect how you think and behave. I will give you a better understanding of your emotions and teach you how to neutralize them. You’ll be able to keep your emotions out of conversations with your ex-partner.

Conflict situations and communication

Divorce is often accompanied by conflict. I prepare you for different conflict situations and how you can communicate better with each other. I'll teach you how to listen and talk in each other's language so arguments don't escalate.

Negotiation skills and learning to compromise

You and your ex-partner have different perspectives and objectives when it comes to making important decisions. I'll teach you how to negotiate confidently, and know when it's time to compromise.

Risks and consequences for children

The tension and conflict between parents cause more damage to children than the divorce itself. Be aware of the risks and consequences for your children. I’ll help you limit the damage for your children, from the early stages of your separation and through every stage of their lives.

Introducing a new partner

There will come a time when you'll want to introduce your new partner to your ex, your children, your family, and friends. I'll show you how to prepare for a successful introduction that won't cause any damage.

Different parenting styles

As co-parents, you need to work together. Opposing parenting styles cause friction between you and harm your children. I'll teach you how to resolve these issues, so you'll trust each other to be the best parents you can be.

When parents’ divorce, their child has the right to say what he or she wants. Divorce changes a child's life. Adults should consider what is best for a child when making a decision. That is why their opinion about the divorce is important.

Researcher Naomi Spalter, who specializes in family law, made this video (in Dutch) about the rights of children in a divorce together with animation maker Jill Vanc. This video is mainly intended for children from about eight years old.

Naomi Spalter is affiliated with the Law Department of Utrecht University and the Utrecht Centre for European Research into Family Law (UCERF). Dynamics of Youth is a strategic research theme at Utrecht University. Scientists from all faculties study how children and young people develop in our rapidly changing society.

Click here for more information about Dynamics of Youth.

During the 5-month program, you can text, email, or call me with questions.  I'm here for you!

Duo-coaching program | For men and women

We've heard it before; men are from Mars, women are from Venus. The fact is that men and women do think, feel, communicate and love differently. 

Together with Judith van Elmpt, our duo-coaching program is tailor-made for individuals and couples. We address the specific male and female perspectives of relationships and separation.

Judith van Elmpt

In my work as an educator, I've gained a lot of experience working with and mediating between parents with relationship problems and/or divorced parents. My added value, however, lies in the specific knowledge of and practical experience with the situations that affect the children.
Divorce or a difficult relationship is usually a complex, difficult and emotional event in itself. It's even more difficult to ensure that your children are not confronted with the consequences and problems under these circumstances. Because children see, hear and feel much more than you would think, with the right guidance, it is certainly possible that they remain cheerful, smart, stubborn, and funny despite everything. And I'm happy to help you with that!

Judith van Elmpt Educator, family mediator, and divorce coach

Between sessions you can text, email or call us with questions. We are here for you!

Intensive 1-day coaching program

I work with you individually or as a couple on this intensive coaching day. We'll focus on your personal needs and point you in the right direction. The goal is to help you let go of your old life before your divorce. I give you the key to making the right decisions that are good for you because your new life has so much to offer!

We can also walk on the beautiful ramparts of Naarden-Vesting, and have lunch.

You can text, email or call me with questions up to 2 months after the 1-day program. I'm here for you!

Relationship Review

Keeping happy couples together is as important as helping people whose relationships have broken down. If you want to keep your partnership solid and healthy, consider my Relationship Review coaching program.

The way you love each other now is different from how you loved each other at the beginning. The dynamics between you are changing. Especially if you have children! Changes happen so slowly, you won't even notice. Whether it’s day-to-day life, or old patterns with previous partners resurfacing, your relationship can become off-balance.

Together we take an introspective look at your relationship as it was, and as it is now. I'll show you how to recognize minor problems before they become major problems. I want to help you grow together so you don't drift apart. Why? Because prevention is better than cure.

Don't let it happen to you. Do a relationship reality check!

Nature-walk coaching

As we walk through the scenic countryside of Naarden-Vesting, there’s an added dimension to our coaching sessions. We feel more at peace surrounded by the natural elements of water, trees, hills, and beautiful fortress walls.

Nature-walk sessions are available in all programs.

You can also book separate 90-minute nature coaching walks. Contact me!

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