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MarkFather with two children
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I went to Bart for support during the stalled negotiations with my ex-partner. We've been separated for four years and share the care of our two children, but we weren't able to reach sound agreements about co-parenting.

During the intensive one-day coaching program , Bart gave me more insight into our separation process. He provided various practical tools to improve our negotiations and advised me about my communication style to better understand and work with my ex-partner. He also gave me tips to reach agreements by taking responsibility for my own part in the failed negotiation.

Bart has an open personality, readily shares his own experiences, and quickly creates a trusting environment. It was indeed an intensive day, but Bart included time to take breaks.

In the months after the intensive one-day coaching program , I consulted Bart about my experiences when applying his advice and tips. That was very valuable because it turns out it's not easy to break the habits of a long relationship.
MilankaMother of two sons
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I came across Bart on LinkedIn and approached him when I was in the middle of going through my divorce with my ex-husband.

For the most part me and my ex had a pretty smooth separation, however with regards to my emotions I was feeling a lot of sadness, guilt, grieve for my sons and worries about holding up on arrangements with my ex.

Just talking to Bart felt instantly like I was getting psychological air. He took the time to listen, empathize with what I was going through and he helped me to put my emotions into perspective. Using his own divorce as a reference, he also really helped me to see things from my ex's perspective. He made me aware of the consequences of some of my actions and did not shy away from confronting me, just what I needed.

Bart is a very open, kind and trustworthy man. His understanding and non-judgemental attitude made it easy for me to open up and trust him. In only a few sessions I was able to make big steps forward in my emotional well-being.
AmyMother of two children
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When I met Bart we immediately started talking. Bart has a very pleasant, familiar, friendly open attitude and really listens.

The difficult divorce process between me and my ex-partner, the father of my two children, took too long. I got stuck and didn't know how to move forward anymore. I was tired of fighting, just exhausted. We were stuck in the past and unable to separate properly. I have already tried different routes with my ex, from 'parent' therapy to the lawyer. Nothing seemed to help.

I was distraught and called Bart. I was able to tell him my story about the extremely difficult relationship with my ex and he gave valuable tips.

In the days that followed, I stayed in touch and made use of the coaching program.

Bart gave me more insight into the divorce process through practical advice about different communication styles and advice about how I communicate. It’s great because you can put it into practice right away. I also gained more insight into my own part in this process and Bart taught me to deal with appointments, emails, and texts in a more business-like way.

During the conversation with Bart, I quickly felt at ease and he showed me that I am no different from others and that I am worthy of creating a better situation for myself and my children. Bart does not judge, which makes it an open, safe, and pleasant conversation.

I can say that I finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. Bart has helped me with that. I feel better and have found another way to make this process more bearable. I also got the feeling that I am liberated from the situation and that is so valuable to me!

We stay in contact and Bart is very interested in following my progress. I also know that I can always contact him again if I get stuck and that is a great comfort.
DanielFather of one son
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Walking with Bart you will learn more about your divorce and about yourself. His listening ear, his calm way of asking questions, helped me to find peace. So that I could handle and finish the entire divorce process with an open attitude.
AleksandraMother of two children
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I want to thank you for our mediation session yesterday. That was so intense for us, but also for you. I think you did very well. I am glad that you are our mediator.
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