Bart van Schagen

Divorce Coach | Relationship Coach


As a divorced father with two wonderful sons, I’ve gone through the same emotional stress and anxiety you are feeling now.  

After 20 years together, my ex-partner and I made the difficult decision to divorce. We knew it was going to be difficult, and our biggest concern was for our children. We wanted to help them cope with a future they didn’t choose.

We enlisted the help of an SSN-certified divorce coach to guide us through our divorce. She helped us to separate from each other emotionally. We learned to talk respectfully and communicate as adults without fighting. 

More importantly, we have now become a positive co-parenting team. Although we're divorced, we continue to be the best parents to our children!

I can help you!

The positive experience I had with our coach inspired me to make a career switch. After many years as a manager for international companies, I trained to become a qualified SSN divorce and relationship coach. I want to give other people the same help and peace I found.

It’s important to choose a professional coach you trust. The right coach will make you feel confident about the future.

I wouldn’t wish divorce on anyone because I’ve been through this journey myself, so I can empathize.

I will help you move on and make a fresh start. Don’t wait - life is too short!

My core values as a coach are mutual respect and cooperationI listen without judging.

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